Master Food Volunteer - On Line Reporting

Welcome to the EMFV On Line Reporting System

Logo of the Master Food Volunteer ProgramThe EMFV On Line Reporting System allows Master Food Volunteers to submit their volunteer hours records (for both volunteer and training activities) into a database which is accesible with any modern browser (Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) One merely logs into the system, completes a simple form detailing the volunteer work (such as date, type of activity, number of hours, etc.) and that's it. The form is filled-out each time the volunteer wishes to add volunteer hours and activities to their records where the information is safely stored in the database. County level K-State Research and Extension Staff also have access to these records and can run reports of hours and activities at any time during the year and especially at year-end, when it is necessary for them to compile statistics.


Simple, One-time Enrollment

To get started using this system, one must Enroll first (a ONE TIME action) which creates a user account. This includes a username and password which permits access to the Master Food Volunteer's personal homepage and section. From there, the MFV can submit and edit records, run reports if desired and even submit succes stories to her county coordinator.

KSRE Staff Involvement

For KSRE staff managing the EMFV program at a county and state level, the On Line Reporting System affords the opportunity to keep all records securely in a database where reports can be viewed and exported at any time for the purposes of statistic gathering and program monitoring. Enrollment is also a simple, ONE TIME process which includes creating a user account and establishing the county or counties the staff member will be managing for the MFV program.